What is polymathic.net?

polymathic.net is a (non-profit) informal collective of people mainly based in the UK. We offer free hosting for websites and email to interesting people.

Our main webserver is miller.polymathic.net, named for playwright Arthur Miller. The server runs Debian GNU/Linux, and we use only Free Software. You might want to consider the philosophical and technical merits of such software.

What's a polymath?

Polymaths maintain interests across multiple fields, particularly in both arts and sciences.

Isn't that a little immodest for a name?

This server may host any number of polymaths for all I know, but being hosted on it does not automatically indicate polymathicism. :) Polymathic describes the nature of the server as a whole, and the interesting and variously-skilled people on it.

How do I get an account?

Email us.

Why is this site so ugly?

Read Chris Lightfoot's comments on why his site is so ugly and web design more generally.

What's here?